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Speech in Bloom is a licensed, board-certified pediatric speech and feeding therapy collective serving families and children in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Through our holistic, child-centered approach, we help plant the seeds of confident communication. We offer play-based speech and feeding therapy sessions at your home, at your child’s school, or at a sensory gym.

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Does Your Child Need Speech and/or Feeding Therapy?

Whether you’re just starting the process of finding a speech or feeding therapist, or you’re wondering if this is the right path for your child, we’re here to help.

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Speech and feeding therapy may be the right next step for your child if you are…

Worried about your child’s speech development and you want a professional opinion you can trust

Searching for a compassionate and trusted provider who will take a personalized approach to your child’s needs

Not sure if your child is meeting developmental milestones and you’d like a complimentary consultation to determine the right next step

Looking for speech and/or feeding services for your child, but not sure where to start

Frustrated because your child is working with several providers, but none of them are collaborating on a coordinated care plan

Our tailored approach meets your child where they are—and empowers parents and caregivers with tools to continue building communication skills.  

Our Services


We believe in a holistic, child-centered, and family-focused therapeutic approach.

Our goal for every child we work with is to create a comfortable, welcoming, and collaborative environment for play-based therapy.

Common needs we help with:

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Language delays

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Picky eating

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Feeding delays & challenges

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Down syndrome

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And more!

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Feeding delays & challenges

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We recognize that this work takes a village.

Our Approach

That’s why we pride ourselves in partnering with your child’s care team—from occupational therapists to early childhood educators—to best support your child’s holistic development.

While our approach is always personalized to each child, our team leverages a variety of evidence-based practices, including PROMPT, the Kaufman Approach to Apraxia, DTTC, Gestalt Language Processing, SOS Approach to Feeding, and other methods.

Led by a Passionate and Trusted Team

Founded by Lera Yavich, M.S., CCC-SLP, TSSLD, Speech in Bloom is home to a small collective of compassionate, empathetic therapists who care deeply about their clients and their growth.

Our Team
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Kind Words from Parents and Partners

I highly, highly recommend Lera and her team of specialists at Speech in Bloom

Lera was immediately embraced by my daughter. So much so that my daughter actively looked forward to their sessions together. Lera sets up a bespoke game plan for your child - assessing how best to stimulate speech through tactics that work specific to your child. We spent almost a year with Lera working on my daughter's language development and we're proud to say our daughter has since "graduated" and is chatting up a storm. One major plus is Lera's fluency in other languages... she worked with my daughter in Spanish and English which is so hard to find.

Virginia, parent of a 2 year old 

We’ve had the best experience with Lera.

She’s very thorough, professional and much more dedicated than other speech therapists we’ve encountered. She’s connected with both of our kids and guided through a tongue tie surgery referral and through our son’s recovery. She makes the sessions fun, playful and motivating, and the kids were always excited to work with her.

Zuzana, parent of a 4 and 6 year old

Lera has been a consistent advocate, teacher and friend to our son since he was 1.

We started working with Lera to supplement Early Intervention sessions and have evolved to a place where we attribute many/most of his speaking strides to her positive influence and persistence. She makes him feel at home in her offices/school and has the kind of patience that helps make space for the leaps in progress - something that has helped us recognize some adjustments needed in our own approach. We highly highly recommend Speech in Bloom and know that it’s growth is great for the next generation.

Luke, parent of a 3 year old

Lera is professional and personable.

My daughter looks forward to every session and always comes out smiling and laughing. Highly recommend!

Anna, parent of a 4 year old

Lera has been an absolute pleasure to work with; extremely thoughtful, patient and supportive.

She has been offering speech therapy services for my son for about a year now. Within that time, we have seen tremendous progress in his articulation of words and sounds. This entire process can be daunting because the parent/s need as much support as the kid during this time. Therefore finding the right support with whom you feel comfortable with and trust, is paramount. She was able to assist and rearrange her services so that it was best tailored to fit our needs during this stressful time. We are extremely grateful!

Juwel, parent of a 3 year old 

Lera and Leigh provided excellent, thoughtful, positive support for us during a key transition stage.

They take time to understand a specific kid, explain concepts and new ideas to parents, and share resources. The whole team is really professional and full of positive energy. Thank you for everything!

Jen, parent of a 3 year old

I’m so glad we connected with you this fall.

It’s been a great experience for our son. We’ve loved working with your highly professional, responsive and experienced team! Here’s to your continued success.

Judy, parent of a 13 year old

I cannot say enough positive things about Lera!

My son worked with a speech therapist for several months but was making little progress and resisted the therapy. I was at my wit's end. Luckily, we were able to connect with Lera, and he began making progress right away. My son was always happy to see her and looked forward to their time together. Speech therapy, particularly for toddlers, is repetitive, but Lera was always able to modify activities and keep him engaged. Do not pass on an opportunity to have her work with your child!

Jennifer, parent of a 2 year old

I found Lera on Speech in Bloom website and from recommendation I decided to give her a try and was happy I did.

She is very warm, professional, keeps you informed and looks out for my daughter’s interest on a whole. Side note Lera even gave me hints on potty training. What a gem. Thank you for all you do for my daughter her speech is so much better. We adore you!

Melisia, parent of a 4 year old

My experience was amazing.

Lera helped me to reduce my accent by practicing sounds that I was struggling with in the platform, her teaching methodology is great

Sandra, accent reduction client 

My daughter worked with this therapist and she absolutely 💕 loves her.

She was so patient with my daughter and made her feel comfortable enough to want to do the work with her. She made the lessons fun and my princess looked forward to the sessions with her. If anyone gets the opportunity to work with Ms. Valeriya, they will be in for a treat. She is great with kids and truly has a passion for what she does. We miss her terribly but wish her all the best.

Ruth, parent of a 2 year old

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